Failure in Shared Storage in HSS [Recovered]

Failure in Shared Storage in HSS [Recovered]

As of May 20, HOKUSAI SailingShip (HSS) system is experiencing an issue has occurred that the shared storage (/home) cannot be accessed.

This event was caused by failures in the disks that makes up the shared storage.
We are currently working on recovering the disks, and it is expected that it will take until May 22nd to complete the disks recovery.
Due to a new disk failure that occurred during the recovery process, the recovery schedule is expected to take until the evening of May 23.
The access failure to the shared storage (/home)that occurred in the HOKUSAI SailingShip (HSS) system was resolved at 4:41 pm on Thursday, May 23rd.

We believe that data stored on the shared storage will not be affected except for files that were new or being updated at the time of the failure, but we will contact you individually if there is a problem.
The administrator checked the file system and found that no user data was lost.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

We apologize for any inconveniences you may have suffered.