Okta/Shibboleth (Single Sign-On/MFA )

What is Okta?

Okta is IDaaS (Identify as a Service), which is a cloud-based ID management system. In addition to on-premises services, cloud services will also be available with single sign-on* by Okta. 
For those who RIKEN (directly, in principle) employs, We introduced this service as the basis of the information infrastructure and information security of the ICT strategy in April 2020. Through the integrated authentication infrastructure Okta, you will be able to use services that we will introduce in the future.

*Single sign-on: 
It is a system that allows you to log in to multiple independent services with a single authentication. Users don’t need to get IDs and passwords by service.

User’s manuals

  1. How to login to Okta for the first time
  2. How to reset Okta