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# The deadline for new trial project applications is March 21, 2024 at 3:00 p.m.
# The response period for continuation of trial projects into regular operation is from March 7, 3:00 PM to March 21, 3:00 PM.
# Access to HBW data (home and data areas) will be available during the trial operation (end of March 2024).

1. Supercomputer HOKUSAI Bigwaterfall2(HBW2) System

2. HBW2 Use Categories

3.Application for use of Trial / RIKEN Project

4. User responsibility

1. Supercomputer HOKUSAI Bigwaterfall2(HBW2) System


RIKEN is Japan’s only comprehensive research institute for the natural sciences and conducts research and development in a wide range of fields. The supercomputer HOKUSAI BigWaterfall2 (HBW2) has been established to carry out research that contributes to the promotion and development of the Institute’s mission of scientific and technological research.

System overview

  • Operational period: from 4 December 2023 to the end of November 2029.
  • MPC.
    • FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY CX2550 M7 312 node, 34,944 cores, 2.12 PFlops
    • Intel Xeon Max (1.9 GHz, 56 cores), 2 CPUs/node
    • 128 GiB (HBM2e, 3.26 TB/s), M.2 SSD 960 GB, IB NDR 400 Gbps
  • Shared storage
    • 9.8 PB, EXAScaler (Lustre) file system, 400 GB/s

See also the User’s Guide for information on HBW2 hardware and available software.

For details on software for research, see Software Licences for Research (from within RIKEN only).

Related systems

The HOKUSAI shared-use computers consist of the supercomputer HOKUSAI BigWaterfall2 (HBW2) and the data science platform HOKUSAI SailingShip (HSS).

For those wishing to use GPUs for AI-related research, see also RAIDEN, a large computer for deep learning analysis (only from within RIKEN) owned by the Research Centre for Innovative Intelligence and Integration.

2. HBW2 Use Categories

From December 2023 to March 2024, HBW2 will be in trial operation and only trial projects will be available.

From April 2024, HBW2 will be in full operation and will consist of two types of projects: RIKEN internal projects and HPCI projects.

Trial Operation ( From December 2023 to March 2024 )

1. Trial Project
  • Available only to those within RIKEN
  • Can apply at any time via the HBW2 portal
  • No user fees and no usage report
  • Each project can use 5% of the MPC’s total computing resources
  • Can be run at low priority if computing time is used up
  • Large memory servers can be added up to 20%.

The total computing resources of HBW2 during the trial operation are as follows

BW2-MPC 100,639 Kilo-core hours
Storage use
  • Home area (/home)
    • 4 TB per HBW2 account free of charge and cannot be increased
  • Data area (/data)
    • Available per issue, free of charge during trial operation, apply via the HBW2 portal

Regular Operation (From April 2024)

1. RIKEN Project
  • Available only to those within RIKEN
  • A free allocation is available for each project (1% of MPC’s total annual computation time).
    • If you start in the middle of the fiscal year, the amount is proportional to the remaining time.
  • Additional core hours can be added for a usage fee.
  • If core hours are used up, the project will be given a lower priority, but can be executed free of charge.
  • Large memory/GPU/FPGA servers can be added up to 20%.
2. HPCI Project
  • Available to people inside and outside RIKEN
  • Apply once a year via the HPCI application system (application period is around September-October of the previous year)
  • Free of charge and available on a large scale
  • Details on HPCI Projects are available on the HPCI page.

3.Application for use of Trial / RIKEN Project

Usage Policy and Operation Procedure

Please read before use.

Supercomputer Systems Usage Policy Update & Enforced: April 1, 2022
Supercomputer Systems Operation Procedure Update: April, 2021

*The notice and user guide for the use of HBW2 are in the process of being established. Until it is established, please use HBW in accordance with the HBW Terms of Use and Operational Implementation Procedures.

HBW2 Portal

Various applications and confirmations can be made via the HBW2 Portal.

Types of account etc. in HBW2

  • HBW2 Portal users
    • Required to become an project member of HBW2
    • Created by entering user information when logging in to the HBW2 Portal for the first time
    • You can apply for new projects, and can make various applications and information related to your projects
  • HBW2 account
    • Linux account required to use HBW2 computing resources.
    • Created when you become an project member for the first time.
    • Log in to the HBW2 front-end server by registering your ssh public key at the HBW2 Portal.

Flow of use

  1. All project members log in to the HBW2 Portal and register the HBW2 Portal users.
  2. Apply for a new project on the HBW2 Portal
    • If there are non-residents, a security export control review is required as soon as they are ready.
    • Notification of creating a new project and HBW2 accounts within a few days if there are no problems.
  3. Each project member registers their ssh public key on the HBW2 Portal.
  4. Login to the HBW2 front-end server using ssh

Log in to the HBW2 portal

  • Log in using the Integrated Authentication infrastructure (Shibboleth authentication)
    • Available to all RIKEN members, including Visiting Scientists.
  • If you do not know your password for the Integrated Authentication Infrastructure (Shibboleth authentication), you can change the password according to the “How to reset Okta” in Okta/Shibboleth (Single Sign-On/MFA)

How to transfer HBW data (only in trial operation)

  • Data transfer from HBW to HBW2
    • HBW data (home area and data area) is being backed up to HSS.
    • The backup data on HSS mounted as Read Only in /bwfefs directory on HBW2 front-end servers.
    • Users copy necessary data from HSS to HBW2 by themselves during the trial operation (after that, cannot be accessed).
  • How to transfer HBW home area (/home)
    • When creating a new HBW2 account, enter the same account name as the HBW account as the first candidate, and if it is the same person, it can be taken over
    • If the HBW account name is user1, the /bwfefs/home/user1 directory can be accessed.
  • How to transfer HBW data area (/data)
    • When applying for an HBW2 trial project, enter the name of the HBW project you wish to transfer in the remarks column, and if the HBW representative approves, you can take over it.
    • If the HBW project name is project1, the /bwfefs/data/project1 directory is accessible.
    • To use the data area of HBW2, you need to apply for storage purchase (free of charge during trial operation) at the HBW2 portal.

4. User responsibility

Security Export Control

If there are non-residents or specific categories of non-residents in the project members of HBW2, a review form must be drafted and approved by the Research Integrity and Economic Security Division.
When you submit a new HBW2 project application, please have it reviewed at that time.
If you have already used an HBW2 trial project and have not had your review form approved, please have it reviewed at this time.

If you have any questions about the review process, please contact the Security Export Control Officer (anzenhosyo [at] of the Research Integrity and Economic Security Division.
Please note that if you are not familiar with security export control, please consult with your laboratory assistant or someone else who is familiar with the subject.
The web page of the Research Integrity and Economic Security Division on security export control(from within RIKEN only).

Request for Acknowledgements

It is necessary to acknowledge the use of the supercomputer system of RIKEN in any publications or research products. We would like to remind you about the acknowledgement when you make a publications on your research achievement.

Those whose main employer is not RIKEN are required to include their affiliation at RIKEN or coauthor at RIKEN in their publications.

Logo and Photo

HOKUSAI photos and logo data are distributed to HOKUSAI users for research presentations and other purposes. If you wish to use the data, please contact us at with the purpose of use.


FAQ/Inquiry Template are available here. (Please use the question and advice template).