Supercomputer System HBW TOP

The Shared Use Computers HOKUSAI consists of the Supercomputer HOKUSAI BigWaterfall (HBW) and the Data Science Infrastructure HOKUSAI SailingShip (HSS).

System Overview

Here is a HOKUSAI System Overview(Updated: June. 4, 2020), which is a overview of hardware and software of HOKUASI BigWaterfall(HBW).
See more here about the software for research.

Usage Policy and Operation Procedure

Supercomputer Systems Usage Policy Update & Enforced: October 19, 2020
Supercomputer Systems Operation Procedure Created: October, 2020

Usage Guidance

Update of User Information

  • When information such as affiliation and position is changed, please submit change application promptly.
  • When the project representative changes, please email to

Request for Acknowledgements

It is necessary to acknowledge the use of the supercomputer system of RIKEN in any publications or research products. We would like to remind you about the acknowledgement when you make a publications on your research achievement.

Those whose main employer is not RIKEN are required to include their affiliation at RIKEN or coauthor at RIKEN in their publications.

Logo and Photo

Users of HOKUSAI can download logos and photos of HOKUSAI for their presentations from HOKUSAI Portal. Download link is inserted below the User’s Guide of HOKUSAI.


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