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The Shared Use Computers HOKUSAI consists of the Supercomputer HOKUSAI BigWaterfall (HBW) and the Data Science Infrastructure HOKUSAI SailingShip (HSS).
HBW provide high performance and highly parallel computing environment/shared storage/network.

1. Supercomputer HOKUSAI BigWaterfall(HBW) system


RIKEN is Japan’s largest comprehensive research institution renowned for high-quality research in a diverse range of scientific disciplines. The purpose of the supercomputer system is to contribute to scientific and technological research consistent with RIKEN’s mission.

RIKEN do not charge fees for basic usage the RIKEN Supercomputer System. This is because we want to provide computation environment as free and comfortable as possible to RIKEN researchers and help them obtain better research results. From October 2020, however, a usage fee has been introduced for some special use of supercomputers

You are strongly requested to read the Supercomputer System Usage Policy and Supercomputer Systems Operation Procedure before you make applications.

System Overview

Here is a HOKUSAI System Overview(Updated: June. 4, 2020), which is a overview of hardware and software of HOKUASI BigWaterfall(HBW).
See more Software license (only from within RIKEN) about the software for research.

If you are interested in using a GPU for AI-related research, please refer to RAIDEN, a large-scale computer for deep learning analysis (only from within RIKEN) owned by the the RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project.

2. Usage Guidance

Usage Policy and Operation Procedure
Supercomputer Systems Usage Policy Update & Enforced: April 1, 2022
Supercomputer Systems Operation Procedure Update: April, 2021
Usage Application page

Please see the following pages for information on applying for a project/account and usage fees.

3. User responsibility

Submission of Usage Report

Usage report and the handling of research results are stipulated in the the article 15 of Supercomputer System Usage Policy. Using the system violating the Policy may result in the cancellation of your account or will affect future proposals from you.

Project Management and Security Export Control
  • Project representative must have control over what goes on the project.
  • In particular, if there are non-residents among the project members, you will need to fill out and save the catch-all checklist for using HOKUSAI (This does not need to be submitted to the Information Systems Division.).
  • If there is a problem with the user or the use of the product on the checklist, please submit an application to the General Administration Section of the General Affairs Division (see Security Export Control Policies) using the normal form.
  • However, a rule is now in operation that will also review transactions for all hires and collaborations. There is no need to implement the rule again for projects that have already been reviewed under that rule.
Update of User Information
  • When information such as affiliation and position is changed, please submit change application promptly.
  • To remove a member from the project and change the project representative, please contact by email.
Request for Acknowledgements

It is necessary to acknowledge the use of the supercomputer system of RIKEN in any publications or research products. We would like to remind you about the acknowledgement when you make a publications on your research achievement.

Those whose main employer is not RIKEN are required to include their affiliation at RIKEN or coauthor at RIKEN in their publications.

Logo and Photo

Users of HOKUSAI can download logos and photos of HOKUSAI for their presentations from HOKUSAI Portal. Download link is inserted below the User’s Guide of HOKUSAI.


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