Usage Fee of HOKUSAI HBW2

Outline of Usage Fees

For HOKUSAI BigWaterfall2 (HBW2), a usage fee is set for the use of MPC computing resources and data area (/data).
However, there is no charge in the following cases.

  • RIKEN Project within 1% of total computing resources
  • Low-priority use in RIKEN Project (after 1% of total resources)
  • Use of home area (/home)
  • Use of subsystems such as large memory/GPU/FPGA

The usage fee and the services are defined in the Handling of Usage Fees for Information System Services Provided by the RIKEN Information R&D and Strategy Headquarters. Also, once purchased, the usage fee is non-refundable.

Usage fee

The amount of the user contribution will be as follows.

  • JPY 300 for 720 core hours of HBW2 compute time.

– RIKEN Project: 1% of all computing resources and low priority use is free of charge

– HPCI Project is free of charge to the user.

– Example: 403,200 yen for 1 additional node (112 cores) for 1 year (approx. 970,000 core hours)

  • 112 cores x 24 hours x 360 days / 720 core hours x ¥ 300 = ¥ 403,200


  • HBW2 data area (1 TB) costs ¥180 per month of use.

– Home area (4TB) per account is free of charge

– Example: Securing 10TB of data area for 1 year costs ¥21,600

  • 10TB x 12 months x ¥180 = ¥21,600

Expenditure Transfer Schedule

The payment of user fees will be made through expenditure transfers. The expenditure transfer will be made according to the following schedule.
For example, if you purchase 30,000 yen worth of usage fees in April, the full amount will be expenditure transferred in July.

  • Purchased by the end of June (including continuation applications): Expenditure transfer in July
  • Purchased by the end of September: Expenditure transfer in October
  • Purchased by the end of December: Expenditure transfer in January
  • Purchased by the middle of February: Expenditure transfer in February
  • Purchased by the end of the fiscal year: Expenditure transfer in March

Applications approved by the deadline will be processed. If you need special handling, please contact us by email.

Notes on external funds

For MEXT (excluding KAKENHI, JSPS, and JST), JAXA, NEDO, METI, and MLIT proposals, please contact the External Funds Office to inquire about the availability of payment, payment methods, deadlines at the end of the fiscal year, and other conditions.
[Contact] gaibushikin-toiawase [at]
If you are using external funds, please make sure you use up the purchased services.