eLearning ‘Information Security at RIKEN’

Please note that all employees who will use RIKEN’s information systems need to first take this information security course. Both newly recruited personnel and current employees (who already took the course previously) MUST take this course every year.


Link to the e-learning system (Moodle):

● You have a RIKEN ID within the RIKEN network.: https://el.riken.jp/
● You don’t have it or cannot use the RIKEN internal network.: https://el2.riken.jp/
 #local account registration is required.

*Please ask the person in charge of your division/host section for information on registering a local account for el2.riken.jp.


If you don’t know your password…

●Using the internal network
How to reset the password for Okta/Shibboleth
●Do not have access to the internal network
Click here to request a password reset.


Who needs to take the course
All RIKEN personnel or external vendors with a RIKEN ID (anyone who possesses a RIKEN ID and who uses RIKEN’s IT systems).
Below persons are allowed to skip this course, however, they will need to be registered with the Information Security and User Support Section beforehand (contact: isec-contact@ml.riken.jp).
# If you are not using any of RIKEN’s IT systems, please talk to your assistant.

  • External vendors who obtained ISMS authentication via ISO/IEC27001 and vendors that have reports on the status of their internal controls assessed by external auditors in accordance with SOC (*1) 2 / 2+ / 3 or other Trust service standards.
  • Visiting researchers and technical scientists, cross-appointment position employees, etc., and who already took the information security course at their institution and who are familiar with the content and have proof that they took the pertinent course/s.
    *Junior Research Associates (JRA), International Program Associates (IPA), students, and part-time workers are NOT allowed to skip this course.

*1) SOC: System and Organization Controls


How to take the course
After you log in, select ‘Other Languages’ > ‘For all staff (Required) > ‘Information Security at RIKEN(*2)’ from the menu.

(*2) Japanese name of the course is “理研の情報セキュリティ”.
Chinese name of the course is “理化学研究所的信息安全”.

Further details:


It will take about 30 minutes to go through the training materials. The test which follows the training materials should take you about 10 minutes to complete. Once you reach the passing score (*3) in the test you will complete this course (a check mark will appear in the pertinent check boxes to indicate that you completed the course).


(*3) Passing score of the test has been set to a minimum of 8 out of 10 correct answers.


Click here for FAQ


Supervisors checking their team’s course progress
Supervisors are able to confirm their team’s course progress via the progress menu on the right of the materials screen (depending on your browser this menu may be located on the bottom of the screen).


Further details:
Guide for supervisors (PDF 629KB) (Japanese ver. only/5 pages)