Trial Use of SS

To make it easy for you to try out the Data Science Infrastructure HOKUSAI SailingShip (SS), we offer a trial use of computing resources for new users and exempt usage fees if the users decide to cancel the use of the SS.

  • Applicable to those who wish to actually try out the system when considering the use of SS.
    • The primary user must be a new user of SS.
  • The trial period shall last until the end of the month following the start month.
    • The end of the fiscal year shall be the end of February, and March shall be excluded.
  • Up to 10,800 points can be used during the trial period.
  • If the usage is cancelled during the trial period, the fee will be waived.
    • If you continue after the trial period, the points you have used will be considered for payment.
Application Procedures
  1. When creating a new project in SS, the user declares that it is a trial use.
    • Specify “Trial Use” at the beginning of the usage details of the new project application.
    • Enter “0” for all budget numbers for the required number of digits and “t” for the name of the project.
    • During the trial period, confirmation with the payment representative and transfer of the user fee will be withheld.
  2. During the trial period, the user declares whether to continue or withdraw.
    • If the user decides to continue, the project will be the same as a regular project.
    • In case of withdrawal, the project will be deleted.