VPN service

Instructions for VPN services

The application form is  this link, access from RIKEN internal only.

Everyone who uses RIKEN network system is required to take Information Security Course.
1)To be provided VPN client certificate is premised on taking the course.
2)Please apply for VPN with the approval of your supervisior.
3)After a certain period of time, your VPN account will be stopped if it is found out not attended the course.

・ We recommend you to connect by a client software (BIG-IP Edge Client) for Windows users.
・ We recommend you to connect by a browser (Safari) for Mac users.

[Important Security Measures]

    • – Install antivirus software and always keep definition files up to date on all terminals that have a VPN connection.
    • – Manage certificates and passwords so that others cannot access them.
    – For terminals with a temporary VPN connection, deactivate the relevant settings and delete the certificate file immediately after duties requiring the VPN have been completed.


  •  FAQ (Update: October, 2023)
Overview of VPN services
Please refer the instruction to handle Certification
Please refer the instructions for VPN
 * VPN address is “https://v1.riken.jp/”


Information on our VPN service

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