Application for additional tape area

# Applications for new usage of Hierarchical Storage (HSM) and additional capacity for existing users are now closed.

Please send us a filled-out application form of the following template via e-mail when your project needs tape area (/arc) of the HOKUSAI BW.

In addition, a usage fee is required to use the data area (/data). Please see Usage Fee of HOKUSAI BW page.

Mail template for application


Selection of subjects:
New request: tape area (/arc)
Additional request: tape area (/arc)

(1) Project ID:
(2) Data area manager (in principle, project representative):
(3) Size of the area after the request:  /arc ( )TB
(4) Current permitted size and usage rate (No need to fill in a new request):
(5) Reason of estimation of increase of data: