Cleanup your mailbox

Last updated on: 2014/10/16

We would like to ask Postman users not to leave too many messages on the server.

Why it is necessary to cleanup your mailbox periodically

  • Configuration to leave messages on the server by IMAP or POP3 users causes troubles such as delay in message delivery or memory shortage if messages remaining on the server is huge.
  • In particular, e-mails with attachments are large in size and consumes server resources, please delete or download them from the server soon after the receipt of the messages.

    To minimize the user inconvenience, we have started File Delivery Service on an experimental basis.

How can I cleanup my mailbox?

  • Delete unnecessary mails from the server
  • Download necessary messages or attachment files to your PC
  • Please refer to instructions sorted by mail software to cleanup your mailbox

>> Outlook Express >> Outlook Express
>> Outlook Outlook (under preparation)
>> Thunderbird >> Thunderbird
>> Entourage (Mac)

  • From April 2008, messages remaining in the Trash folder of postman for 30 days or more will be automatically deleted.
  • We have started limiting the amount of space that messages can take on our e-mail server “postman to 5GB 1.
    When a user’s account usage approaches to the limit, the user will receive an e-mail message. We will send just a warning message for now, but, if the situation becomes worse in the future, we may need to set a time limit to store messages and delete the messages automatically after the expiration of the preset time limit.
  • When you receive a warning message, please delete or download messages on the server as soon as possible following the methods on the webpage which URL is shown above. Even though you have not received the warning message, please delete or download messages from the server periodically.

[1] almost equal to the size of 24 million e-mail messages consisted of 2000 characters per mail