Schedule regarding the Postman mail server shutdown

September 17, 2021
Information Systems Division, R-IH


Schedule regarding shutting down the Postman mail server


We’d like to announce our schedule regarding the Postman mail server shutdown due to the migration to Office 365 mail.
We will scale down the Postman mail server services in stages, and by the end of September, we will stop providing webmail (Webmailer) and IT Helpdesk support for Postman mail server usage.
At the end of November, we will stop the email sending function using SMTPs authentication. We will notify individually those using the Postman mail server to send mails using SMTPs authentication. 

Please continue to use Office 365 mail for your work as the extension of the Postman server reference(receiving mails) period is for the purpose of migrating email data. If you want to evacuate the mail data on the Postman mail server, please allow enough time in your schedule for the migration.

Postman service schedule


After the end of the 2021 FY, you can still use the Postman mail server as an SMTP server (Port: 25) for sending mail from mailing list addresses, printers, monitoring systems, etc. We will announce the future of mail services in general, including ML, separately. 


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