Postman Mail Server Reference Period Extended

August 23, 2021
Information Systems Division, R-IH


Postman Mail Server Reference Period Extended


We’d like to announce that the Postman mail server, which was scheduled to be stopped at the end of September after we started providing the Office 365 mail service, will be available for reference until the end of the 2021 FY.
This extension is to migrate email data, so please continue to use Office 365 mail for your work. If you want to evacuate the mail data on the Postman mail server, you are kindly requested to do so with plenty of time.

The shutdown date of the Postman mail server will be changed as follows.
 September 30, 2021 –> March 31, 2022 

The following accesses will remain available until the shutdown date. (Outgoing Not Available)
 – POP3s (Port: 995)
 – IMAPs (Port: 993)

After the end of the 2021 FY, you can still use the Postman mail server as an SMTP server (Port: 25) for sending mail from mailing list addresses, printers, monitoring systems, etc. We will announce the future of mail services in general, including ML, separately.


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