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We are shutting down the Postman email service at the end of September

June 22, 2021
Information Systems Division, R-IH

To external users (guest users, etc.) who use the “” email address


We are shutting down the Postman email service at the end of September


As of the end of September 2021, we will stop using the Postman email service. We would like to inform our external users who have been using the “” email address (since before March 2021) of the next steps and some further precautions.

Please note that you will not be able to use Postman after October. If you want to continue to use your address, please register your own email address to the forwarding email address “” prepared separately. In addition, as a part of easing measures for guest users, emails sent to “” will be forwarded to the same forwarding address as “” for one year only. Please note that your mail cannot be forwarded unless you perform the registration steps first.

Timeline for the transition is as follows.

Now until July 28 From July 29, “” will no longer be available as a mail server for guest users.
Please have the guest users set their own e-mail address to the distributed forwarding e-mail address “”, and let all necessary contacts know about the “” address accordingly. If necessary, contact the person who manages IT efforts (such as mailing lists managed by your division or registration for other systems) in your organization.
From July 29 From this date, guest users will no longer receive emails in Postman (
Make sure they finish setting up their forwarding address by this date.
September 30 The Postman email server will be stopped.
Until this day, guest users can refer to the past mails for “” (both sent/received), but they will no longer be able to connect to this server from the following day.





Q. I do not know my “” email address.
A. The part before “@” in the address “” is set the same as your “” address.

Q. Is it possible to use “” as the sender?
A. Yes, it is possible to use “” as the sender (From) and reply-to address in the settings of the mail application. Some email applications do not allow this setting, however.

Q. Is it OK to use a free email address for the forwarding address?
A. There are no restrictions on the email address you can use for the forwarding address, but we recommend that you use an email address that you use on a daily basis.

Q. I have set up a forwarding address in Postman. Will this forwarding address be automatically set as the forwarding address for the forwarding service?
A. No, the forwarding settings in Postman will not be transferred. Please set the forwarding address using the form below.

Q. I don’t remember setting up a forwarding address before. Where will the email (with the URL link) for the settings screen for the forwarding address be sent to?
A. If the “” address is still valid, this will be automatically set as the default forwarding address. Please check your “” email.

Q. I use the “” email. Do I have to set a forwarding address for “” as well?
A. The same forwarding address is set for “” and “”.

Q. Will I be able to use “” after I retire?
A. Yes, you can use this in the same way as “” even after you retire.

Q. I have contractor staff in my division who use Postman. Can they use Office 365 mail as well?
A. The same process for contractor staff will apply as for guest users.

Q. What happens to my extended address?
A. It will be the same as for guest users.

Q. I don’t need “” because I don’t use it. Do I need to do anything?
A. Please delete the forwarding address.

Q. I am currently a visiting researcher and will become a full-time researcher at RIKEN. Will I be able to use Office 365 mail?
A. You will be able to use Office 365 mail from the day you are appointed as a RIKEN researcher. You can also continue to use “”.

Q. If “” can only be used when I am employed at RIKEN, can I use “” as the email address I use for posting my papers?
A. You are free to use “” from the moment you are hired.


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