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End of FY2015 operation and cutover of FY2016 operation

Operation of HOKUSAI GreatWave will be interrupted as mentioned below.


From PM9:00 on March 31 to PM9:00 April 4
(Operation of FY2016 will start at 9:00AM on April 4)

#Planed work items#

– Preventive maintenance
– Firm ware update
and others.

– Application update
– Install patches
– Modify scheduler setting
and others

Preparing cutover of FY2016 projects


  • From April 4 all projects will have project ID Q/G/E16***. (ACCC will not give notice of new project IDs of Quick use project. “***” is common between FY2015 and FY2016.)
  • Job execution will be controlled to complete all jobs on all computing nodes before the end of the service of FY2015 at 9:00AM on March 31.
  • Results of review of General/Exclusive projects will be given the end of March.
New Quick Use Project of FY2016

Regular Operation of HOKUSAI GreatWave in FY2016 will start on April 4 and accepting period of new Quick Use Project will start on March 14.

Please read this instruction and submit application if you need to make a new project in FY2016 after March 14.

If the project must be started on April 4 you should submit an application ahead of time.

When Quick Use Project of FY2015 want to  continue  it they don’t have to submit new applications.

Please ask if you have questions about first-time usage or other cases.