End of FY2015 operation and cutover of FY2016 operation

Operation of HOKUSAI GreatWave will be interrupted as mentioned below.


From PM9:00 on March 31 to PM9:00 April 4
(Operation of FY2016 will start at 9:00AM on April 4)

#Planed work items#

– Preventive maintenance
– Firm ware update
and others.

– Application update
– Install patches
– Modify scheduler setting
and others

Preparing cutover of FY2016 projects


  • From April 4 all projects will have project ID Q/G/E16***. (ACCC will not give notice of new project IDs of Quick use project. “***” is common between FY2015 and FY2016.)
  • Job execution will be controlled to complete all jobs on all computing nodes before the end of the service of FY2015 at 9:00AM on March 31.
  • Results of review of General/Exclusive projects will be given the end of March.