Application of projects and accounts

# BW is scheduled to end operations around the end of November 2023, so the computing resources will be valid until the end of BW operation.
# BW2 is scheduled to be operational in December 2023.

1. Usage Categories

The supercomputer HOKUSAI BigWaterfall(BW) has one use category for the project. Please refer System Overview (PDF) to know the detailed spec information about computing resources. Please note that Hierarchical Storage (HSM) is no longer accepting applications for new users or capacity increases for existing users.
Each project will be allocated 1% of the total core hours of the system for the year. If you wish to use more than that, you can apply for additional computing resources, and up to 5% of the computing resources will be allocated. However, a estimation of computing resources is required before applying for additional calculation time.

Total computing resources for one year

BW-MPC 294,336 kilo core hours
146,765 kilo core hours (FY2023)

The allocated computing resources may not all be available due to system congestion. Job execution is controlled by the fairshare function, and jobs with priority execution will have priority over regular jobs. In addition, the first half of the fiscal year is relatively free, but the second half is often crowded, so please use the system in a planned manner.

In addition, we will perform the operation that the projects exhausted the allocated core hours of BW-MPC will be lowered the priority and allowed execution. For more information, please see Announcement about operation to effective use of HOKUSAI

1% computing time of ACSL will be assigned to all projects, and all projects can request additional computing time as mentioned in this page.

Other detailed information about eligibility, use category, and other important issues are described in the Usage Policy and Operation Procedure.

2. Application Method

Project representatives have to make all of members of project understand the usage policy, and submit necessary forms as your requirements. Please do not request to make new accounts for those who will not execute jobs actually.

# The latest version of forms are need to be accepted. Applicants have to use Online Submission System.


To remove a member from the project and change the project representative, please contact by email.
If you would like to include a subcontractor as an project member, please contact by email so that we can guide you through the process.

New project (including request of new accounts)
Additional computing resources for an existing project
Adding new or existing accounts to a project or changing information of existing accounts

3. How to submit: Online Submission System

Applicants have to use Online Submission System ( to make new projects or change group/user information as mentioned below. Please understand kindly and cooperate to make screening process more efficient.

As an important note for new project applications, the “1. Request new project” menu in the Online Submission System can only be accessed from within RIKEN (including via VPN). If you do not have access to the system, please ask your host laboratory to proceed the first procedure “Generate upload url”. Once you have obtained an “upload url”, you can upload (submit) your application from anywhere.

Please transfer this announcement to assistant or others who are in charge of clerical work of your laboratory and let them know new methods of submission.

[ Guidance of Online Submission System]

Please refer this figure and guidance.

flow of submmitng

HELP: Making new projects(inside RIKEN only)

HELP: Change account information or adding members(inside RIKEN only)

Note: About Project Creation

New project application
After confirming the eligibility of each account, the Information Systems Division will check the project details and the director of the Information Systems Division will approve the application. If there are no problems with the application form, the project will be created in about three days.
Applying for additional computing resources to the project
The Information Systems Division confirms the content of the additional application, and the director of the Information Systems Division approves its use. If there are no problems with the application form, the computing resources will be added in about three days.