What is wrong when I cannot establish a VPN connection? (The screen goes white)

Last updated on: 2014/10/07


If your screen becomes white and can find no menu to proceed with the VPN connection steps, the followings are the likely causes. Explanations and instructions are given in this page.  

Possible cause is the following.

  • The communication between the server (vpn.riken.jp) and the client (user PC) is suspended halfway.

This issue can be divided into two cases described below according to the timing of the screen becoming white. We list up below the causes considered for each case. Please refer to the case that applies to you to solve the problem.

The screen goes white BEFORE you see the message “This is Advanced-net VPN. You are XXgroup!” 


The cause may be the following.

  • The transmission is blocked by the browser because https://vpn.riken.jp has not been registered as a “trusted site”.  

Corrective measures 

Refer to the manual and register https://vpn.riken.jp as a “trusted site”.

The screen goes white AFTER you click “Continue” following the massage “This is Advanced-net VPN. You are XXgroup!”

This may be due to one of the following. 
Both of the situations described below indicate that the certificate and connection profile are correct because the above message appears after the authentication succeeded.  

Assumed Cause 1: Client terminated the session unilaterally

  1. You may have accessed to the VPN server (https://vpn.riken.jp) in a separate session while the server is asking you for a manual installation of the client software after web installation failure.

    The server is suggesting that you download and manually execute the client software installation file because installation via web browser has failed. In this screen, the session itself between the server (vpn.riken.jp) and the client (your PC) is still running. You may have closed the browser thinking that you have failed to connect to the server. But if you retry to connect with another session, this situation occurs.

  2. You may have tried establishing a VPN connection while another VPN connection is already working.

    Similarly to the previous case, the error may be caused because the client is trying to establish another session in spite that the VPN server is maintaining the session.

Corrective measures

For cases given above, please try the following.

  • Leave the session and don’t do anything to it for about 30 minutes. The server will disconnect the session after a certain time of no response and return to an initial disconnected state. Retry connecting.

Assumed Cause 2: Server terminated the session unilaterally

  • Your account has been locked out and the session has been terminated during the time you may have left your PC. The error may have occurred because the server terminated the session whereas the client considers that the session is continuing.

Corrective measures

For the case given above, please try the following.

  • Restart your PC or the browser to reset the session on the client side.
  • If you are in a hurry, execute the VPN client software directly to connect to the VPN server. You cannot operate via the browser because it is still “in the middle of a session”. You need to build a session by directly executing the VPN client software to re-establish the connection. Once the session is re-established, you will be able to communicate with the browser through the VPN connection.