Last updated on: 2014/10/01

We provide the following services on our mail server Postman. Note: We do not provide any email software.


Postman supports SSL encryption.

By configuring email software to enable SSL, you can encrypt and protect email messages from being eavesdropped. → Configuration


You can log in to Postman via webmail from anywhere you can use a browser.
The URL is

There is no need of setting up server names and port numbers. You only need to enter your ID and password to read or send email messages.

Those who usually use another email software application can use webmail for managing your mailbox on the server. Examples are as follows.

  • Download a large size email. (An email with a large file attached)
  • Delete multiple unnecessary messages on the server at a time.
  • Folder operations
  • Change your password.

     → Webmail Tutorial

Mobile webmail

You can use Postman from an Internet-enabled cell phone.
The URL is

     → Mobile Webmail Tutorial

Virus scan

This is a system to check whether attachment file is infected by computer virus or not. The system checks it before message is delivered to user mailbox or before they are sent outisde the RIKEN Network. → About Postman’s Virus Scan

Spam filtering

This is a system that automatically inspects email messages sent from non-RIKEN networks to Postman, and automatically inserts characters “(SPAM)” into the subject field of the message when the system determines that the messages have enough characteristics to be a spam email.

Users can filter spam emails by configuring email software to filter out messages with characters “(SPAM)” inserted. → About Postman’s SPAM filtering

Mailing list

You can use our mailing list service to share messages among a laboratory, group or community. You can create one for a temporary use such as an inquiry receiving address for a symposium.    
→ About Mailing List Service