Announcement of a user meeting about shared use computers on March 24[Publication of QA]

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We will hold a user meeting about shared use computers (HOKUSAI BigWaterfall/SailingShip) and its beneficiary pays.

Supercomputer HOKUSAI GreatWave is scheduled to cease operation at the end of March 2020 and supercomputer HOKUSAI BigWaterfall will continue to operate. Data Science Infrastructure HOKUSAI SailingShip has ended the bid opening, and will start test operation from around June 2020 and regular operation from October 2020.

In addition, beneficiary pays will be charged for the shared use computer from October 2020. We will explain about user fee table as it has been established.

Date: March 24
Time: From 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.
Place: Large meeting room in 2F of Welfare and Conference Building WAKO
Language: Japanese
Registration is not needed.

To prevent infection and the spread of the novel coronavirus, the video conferences using Webex will be the main method. You can connect to the video conference from PC or polycom. Contact for the connection destination and connection method.

If it is difficult to participate the video conference, please come to the place.

 Please download from the following handout.

Questions and answers at the meeting can be downloaded here.


1. Outline of Data Science Infrastructure
2. Current plans for shared use computers and beneficiary pays after the next fiscal year


Information and Communication Infrastructure Section, Information Systems Division, Head Office for Information Systems and Cybersecurity