Announcement about Schedule about Usage Report of FY2019 and Application of FY2020

Submissions of the usage report of FY2019 and the application for General Use project of FY2020 of shared use computer are going to start around January 23th.

Here, the shared use computer is used as a general name of HOKUSAI and the RIKEN Data Science Infrastructure scheduled to be introduced around June 2020. Since RIKEN’s computing resources that will be developed in the future are not limited to supercomputers, the names have been given a general name so that users will be more aware of them. For details, please refer to the materials of the user meeting about shared use computer on September 18, 2019.

In this application, projects for the HOKUSAI BigWaterfall in FY2020 will be recruited in the same way as before. We will inform you about the usage report, the application, the forms, and the submission procedure at that time. The application period is going to be about three weeks.

A usage fee will be introduced around October 2020 for the use of the shared use computer. The use of the new RIKEN Data Science Infrastructure will be charged in principle, but will not be screened. How to use HOKUSAI BigWaterfall in FY2020 is basically the same as before, but after the introduction of the usage fee, the usage fee will be set in part such as priority job execution and use of storage in the /data area. Specific usage methods and usage fees will be announced by the end of this fiscal year, and a user meeting will be held.