Software update(ANSYS, Amber, Intel Compilers)

Following three software packages were updated.


Updated from version 19.0 to 19.2. The executing command was changed ansys190 to ansys192.

Please refer to the portal about how to use ANSYS  (


Updated from version 16 to  18.

Please refer to the portal about how to use AMBER (

Intel Compilers

Parallel Studio XE 2018 Update3 was installed.

■System: bwmpc, gwacsg, gwacsl

■Please refet to the following release note to get more information.

Manuals of Intel compilers are available on the portal (

-> [Application Computing Server(Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition 2018)]
  -> [C++ Compiler and libraries]
  -> [Fortran Compiler and libraries]
  -> [Intel MPI]

How to compile.

Non parallel job
[username@hokusai1 ~]$ module load intel
[username@hokusai1 ~]$ icc test.c

Parallel job (MPI)
[username@hokusai1 ~]$ module load intel
[username@hokusai1 ~]$ mpiicc test.c

If you have any questions, please contact