Research Achievement Registration System (RARS) upgrades

February 22, 2022
R&D Infrastructure and Technical Coordination Section
Information Systems Division, R-IH


To all personnel

Research Achievement Registration System (RARS) upgrades


We will be making some upgrades to RARS to improve its performance and make it more convenient for our userbase. We will implement these upgrades on Monday, February 28, 2022, from 10:00 to 17:00. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause as you will not be able to use RARS during this maintenance window. We also ask for your understanding and cooperation in ensuring the smooth and accurate registration of research results.

The main upgrades are as follows.


◆Changes related to achievement input

  • Once you decide on an achievement type, you will be now able to save it temporarily.
  • We have added DBLP as an external database to be used as a reference for achievement input.

◆Changes for registration components

  • We have added components such as conference URL links for conference presentation achievements and chapters and pages for/when registering books.

◆Changes for achievement outputs

  • We have removed the limit of 50 maximum searches.


After presenting/publishing your research results, you are required to report them to RIKEN ASAP.
If you have any research results published in FY 2021 that you have not yet registered, please register these from the links below.

Research Achievement Registration System (RARS)

More details about RARS (Internal Web Site)


R&D Infrastructure and Technical Coordination Section, Information Systems Division, R-IH