Sep . 24 Thursday

All files excluding four movie files are provided in PDF format.
10:00 15min Ghia, Kirti N University of Cincinnati Tribute to Professor Kunio Kuwahara and Study of Multiphase Flow in a Flat Plate Inducer (3,602 KB) via internet Ghia, Kirti N
10:15 15min Ghia, Urmila University of Cincinnati Simulation of Unsteady Separated Flows and Flow-Adaptive Grid Generation (1,380 KB) via internet Ghia, Urmila
10:30 15min Hussain, Fazle University of Houston The looming crisis in air traffic capacity – what can vortex dynamics do? (4,943 KB) via internet Hussain, Fazle
10:45 15min Farge, Marie Ecole Normale Superieure How to Model Turbulent Dissipation? (22,077 KB)

Video 1 First half / Latter half (Farge, Marie)
Video 2 (Farge, Marie)
Video 3 (Kai, Schneider)

Farge, Marie and Kai, Schneider
11:00 30min Kambe, Tsutomu University of Tokyo Vortex Sound: CFD and Experimental Observation (352 KB) Kambe, Tsutomu
11:30 30min Matsuda, Takuya Kobe University Monte carlo Particle Hydrodynamics and its application to astrophysics (1,854 KB) Matsuda, Takuya
12:00 30min Horiuti, Kiyosi Tokyo Institute of Technology Revising the issue of the rotational form for the convective term in the Navier-Strokes equation (75 KB) Horiuti, Kiyosi
12:30 30min Kawamura, Tetsuya Ochanomizu University