When lost Password

last modified on: 2021/03/15
  • We cannot access your password, but we can reset it.
  • Please come to our office on the 2nd floor of the Information Science Bldg with your ID card.

For novel coronavirus (COVID-19) measures, we change the correspondence as follows.

  1. One of the members of your team sends an email asking reset the password to your Information Systems Office,
    as Cc: department manager,
    describes your e-mail address (if you wish to issue a temporary password).
  2. We set  a temporary password and inform the sender.
  3. The sender informs you the temporary password.
    Area,Campus mail address information
    Tsukuba rtc-support@ml.rtc.riken.jp http://accc-tsukuba.rtc.riken.jp/en/news/20200330/
    Yokohama faq.yokohama@riken.jp
    (including Osaka)
    Harima harima-it-office@ml.riken.jp
    Others it-helpdesk@ml.riken.jp