Mailing List (Mailman)

We provide a mailing list service on Postman, with which you can send email messages to multiple recipients at the same time.Please refer to the following explanations with regard to the role of the mailing list Administrator and creating a mailing list.

Role of mailing list administrator | Creating a mailing list

If you have questions ,including how to reset your administrator password, please refer to the “Mailing list FAQ“.

Role of mailing list administrator

The mailing list administrator can do the following.

  • Add or remove members, and stop the delivery
  • Register or delete administrators
  • Get a list of members
  • Manage emails on hold

Please refer to the Mailing List Administrator Manual for details.

Creating a mailing list

  1. You cannot make your own mailing list; it has to be created by us. If you wish to create a mailing list, please apply through the Service Portal.
  2. The List administrator will receive  Mailing List Administrator Manual URL and their initial password by email shortly after the list is created.

For further inquiries, please contact the IT Helpdesk.