[Inv.]Start of accepting applications of Quick use projects

Accepting of application of quick user projects of HOKUSAI will start at 10:00 AM on 18 May and accepting of application for trial usage has closed today.

Groups of HOKUSAI trial have to submit application for Quick use project  if they want to use HOKUSAI after June. ACCC accept applications from new applicants who didn’t use HOKUSAI in the period of trial operation.

Regular operation of FY2015 will start on June 1 so groups which want to start usage from June 1 should submit applications at your earliest possible convenience.
Application form and How to submit

Applicants have to read the renewed Supercomputer System Usage Policy before making applications.

System overview

Applications of Quick Use Projects are acceptable as needed throughout the fiscal year but applications of General Use Project*  will be acceptable after the announcement in late August. (* Projects will start on October 1.)