Measures against SPAM

Last updated on: 2019/03/07

We provide the following two services as countermeasures for spam emails.

>> Email falsely identified as a spam


1. Automatic Spam Identifyication System


2. Automatic Spam Filtering Service

1. Automatic SPAM Identifyication System

This is a system that automatically inspects emails received at the domain and inserts characters “(SPAM)” into the subject field of the message at the beginning of the text as shown below, when the system determines that the email appears to be spam.

This feature is on the server, and local users cannot disable the function nor configure the criteria for identifying spam individually.

  • The accuracy of identifying spam email is not 100%. A legitimate (non-spam) email may be identified as spam. Do not delete emails marked as (SPAM) without making sure.
  • Your email message is read only by the computer to examine the degree of “SPAMness” by analyzing words and combinations of them. Your message will not be read by a third party nor be sent outside.

2. Automatic SPAM Filtering Service

Postman quarantines spam emails into its “SPAM” folder so that they will not be downloaded to local PCs by POP, which frees you from being bothered by bulk spam emails.

This feature can be enabled or disabled on the client side. Instructions for enabling the function are shown below.

You can access the quarantined messages on the SPAM folder in the server by WebMailer or IMAP.

How to enable Spam Filter

  1. Log in to  Postman Web Mailer and go to ToolsFilter Settings….
  2. Check on the Filter when receiving mail and click Save.
  3. After applying this setting, spam emails will be quarantined into the “SPAM” folder on Postman, which you can access using the webmail or IMAP.
  • The quarantined messages will be automatically deleted on the 31th day after they are received on the server. This also applies to emails that are filtered into the server SPAM folder manually by local users.
  • Since the accuracy of identifying spam email is not 100%, non-spam emails may be quarantined or spam emails may be delivered to your mailbox. Please look into the SPAM folder periodically to make sure that no important messages are quarantined.
  • Information Systems Division does NOT bear any responsibility for loss of important email due to false identification of spam by this service. Enable this feature at your own risk.

Email falsely identified as spam

  • If a non-spam email is identified as (SPAM) and quarantined into the “SPAM” folder:You can move it to another folder by drag and drop. But if you run the “filter” on the folder by executing ToolsRun Filters on the webmail, it will be filtered to the “SPAM” folder again.
  • It is not 100% guaranteed that the system correctly identifies spam. There is always the possibility that emails are falsely identified as spam. Please delete SPAM-identified emails at your own discretion.
  • When you use the spam-quarantine service, please look into the SPAM folder periodically and make sure that no important messages are quarantined.
  • Information Systems Division does NOT bear any responsibility for loss of important emails due to false identification.