Mailing list FAQ

(Mailing List Application Form)what is the difference between types?

Parameter Description type
To share information To serve as a contact To send notices and email magazines
subject_prefix Prefix for subject line of list postings (name of ML:%05d)
e.g. (mailman:00001)
(name of ML:%05d)
e.g. (mailman:00001)
(name of ML)
e.g. (mailman)
max_message_siz Maximum length in kilobytes (KB) of a message body. Use 0 for no limit. 10240 10240 1024
generic_nonmember_action Action to take for postings from non-members for which no explicit action is defined.
(Accept / Hold / Reject / Discard)
Hold Accept Hold
*Change the setting due to the following reasons
default_member_moderatio By default, should new list member postings be moderated? No No Yes
first_strip_reply_to Should any existing Reply-To: header found in the original message be stripped? If so, this will be done regardless of whether an explict Reply-To: header is added by Mailman or not. No No Yes
reply_goes_to_list Where are replies to list messages directed? Poster is strongly recommended for most mailing lists.
(Poster / ML / Explicit address)
ML Poster ML

I forgot the administrator password and want to reset it.

Please contact the IT Helpdesk from the administrator. We will issue a new password after identity verification.

I want to delete my mailing list.

Please contact the IT Helpdesk with the following information.
– Mailing list name
– Administrator’s name

I want to change the name of my mailing list.

If you wish to change a mailing list name, please delete the current list and make an application for a new one.
Please contact the IT Helpdesk.

May I include persons not affiliated with RIKEN to my mailing list members?

Yes. Persons not affiliated with RIKEN are also eligible to subscribe a mailing list as long as its administrator is affiliated with RIKEN.

Can multiple administrators for a single list be acceptable?

Yes. After your mailing list is created, you can add new administrator.
For more information, the Mailing List Administrator Manual(Registering mailing list administrators).

I want to change an administrator email address.

Please refer to the Mailing List Administrator Manual(Registering mailing list administrators & Deleting mailing list administrators).

I want to change the members of the list.

Please refer to the Mailing List Administrator Manual(Subscribing mailing list members & Unsubscribing members).


Can I include a mailing list address in “member’s addresses”?

When you send a message to the mailing list, the message is delivered to the included mailing list members.

But the included mailing list members cannot send a message to the list unless the option of “accept messages from non-members” is selected.


I want to change reply to: address.

Please refer to the Mailing List Administrator Manual(Setting “Reply to” header for posted email).

I want to reject (accept) postings from non-members.

Please refer to the Mailing List Administrator Manual(Non-member access restrictions).

My post does not be delivered immediately.

Please check if the mailing list is moderator function enabled.
If it is, posts are delivered to the moderator first.
Message will be delivered to members after the moderator approves it.
Naturally, members cannot receive message until the moderator approves it.

Does a moderator need to be a list administrator? Who can be a moderator?

A moderator is not required to be the list administrator, but is required to be a member of the list.

Tell me the invalid addresses that cannot post a message to a mailing list.

If you send a message from the below email addresses which are not considered an individual representative, the message is forwarded to the administrator and you receive an error message.

root, postmaster, MAILER-DAEMON, msgs, nobody, majordomo, listserv, listproc