Sep . 24 Thursday

All files are provided in PDF format.
16:15 30min Yang, Jaw-Yen National Taiwan University Semiclassical Lattice Boltzmann Equation Hydrodynamics (357 KB) Yang, Jaw-Yen
16:45 15min Kwak, Ho Sang Kumoh National Institute of Technology Numerical Issues in Simulating Electroosmotic Micro/Nano Flow (228 KB) Kwak, Ho Sang
17:00 15min Nakahashi, Kazuhiro Tohoku University Importance of Algorithm Simplicity for Complex Flow Simulations on Peta/Exa-Flops Computers (1,147 KB) Nakahashi, Kazuhiro
17:15 10min Ishii, Katsuya Nagoya University Closing Remark Ishii, Katsuya