Q&A Template

Could you please send us a filled-in application form of the following template via e-mail  for inquiries and consultations about HOKUSAI.

Request for ACS is from Additional computing time of ACS.

Request items

  • If an error message is displayed, please inform us about the message, operation procedure up to the error, reproducibility, date when the issued occurred, JOB ID, etc.
  • If possible, the path of the source code of corresponding program.
  • The following information make the investigation and solution smooth: OS and its version of your PC, Name and version of your browser.

Mail  template to apply

Subject:  Inquiry about **************

1 Full name :
2 Project ID :
3 System concerned (Delete no-corresponding systems from the list)
– Front-end server
– User Portal (https://hokusai.riken.jp)
– Online Storage System (OFS)
– Tape archive system (HSM)
4 Category of inquiry (Delete no-corresponding)
(1)Application of project and account, how to login for the first time
(2)Question and request
5 Detailed content