HOKUSAI BW Service Application

# Applications for FY2021 usage fee opened on April 1, 2022.
# If you do not know the budget number yet, please enter the appropriate budget number and name, and send us an email as soon as you know.

    [Now accepting applications for FY2022]

    1. Apply for HOKUSAI BW Service Subject to Usage fees【required】

    • Please select the pull-down menu for new or add when you apply for the HOKUSAI BW service subject to usage fees.
    BW priority job execution number of units unit
    • One unit is 90 JPY for 720 core hours of priority execution.
    • It is valid until the end of the fiscal year.
    • Applications that exceed the remaining core-hour of the project will not be accepted.

    data area (/data) data area size [New]
    capacity TB
    additional capacity TB # Fill in additional capacity only.
    current allocated capacity TB
    capacity after continuation TB
    • Select the "Continuation" when you intend to continue the data area at the end of the fiscal year into the next fiscal year.
      • When you intend to reduce the capacity in a continuation application, please reduce the actual capacity used to that level or less by the end of the fiscal year.
    • 180 JPY/month per 1TB.
      • The fee is a monthly rate. No prorating, even in the middle of the month.
      • This service is available from the month you start untill the end of the fiscal year. Use of the service cannot be cancelled in the middle of the fiscal year.

    2. Project Information【required】

    Project Number [Q22XXX]
    Project representative name
    Project representative e-mail
    Project representative ID

    3. Payment Representative Information【required】

    • Payment Representative must be PI.

    Payment representative and Project representative are
    the same person.(No need to fill in the Payment Representative Information section.)not the same person. (Please fill in the Payment Representative Information section)

    Payment Representative name
    Payment Representative e-mail
    Payment Representative ID

    4. Contact Person Information

    • If there are other people (e.g., assistants, etc.) other than the project representative and the payment representative who wish to be contacted by email, please fill in the following section.
    Contact Person name
    Contact Person e-mail
    Contact Person ID

    5. Budget Code【required】

    • If you use external funds for payment of usage fees, please contact the External Funds Office in advance to confirm the terms and conditions.
    • If you do not know the budget number yet, please enter the appropriate budget number and name and the estimated time when you will know the budget number in the comments section, and email us as soon as you know it.
    Lab/Office Project Expenditure suffix



    # Click the "CONFIRM" button to go to the confirmation screen, and then click the "SEND" button to complete the application.
    # By clicking on the "Send" button, a confirmation email will be sent to the project representative.
    # After the Information Systems Division checks the application details, we will send an email to the payment representative for payment requesting approval, including the amount of the usage fees.