Usage Fee of HOKUSAI BW

# Applications for FY2021 usage fees have been accepted since April 1, 2021.
# If you have not yet applied for the continuation of the data area from FY2020 to FY2021, please do so immediately (in April at the latest).

Outline of usage fee

A usage fee will be introduced for a part of the HOKUSAI BW usage from October 19th 2020. The usage fee is required for priority execution of BW jobs and use of the data area (/data). Normal job execution and use of the home area (/home) are still available for free.

The usage fee and the services are defined in the Handling of Usage Fees for Information System Services Provided by the RIKEN Information R&D and Strategy Headquarters. Also, once purchased, the usage fee is non-refundable. The BW usage fees will remain at current prices for the duration of BW’s existence.

Budget Transfer Schedule

The payment of user fees will be made through budget transfers.
The budget will be transferred according to the following schedule.
Applications approved by the deadline will be processed.
If you need special handling, please contact us by email.

  • Purchased by the end of June: Budget transfer in July
  • Purchased by the end of September: Budget will be transferred in October
  • Purchased by the end of January: Budget transfer in February
  • Purchased by the end of the fiscal year deadline: Budget transfer in March
Notes on external funds

For MEXT (excluding KAKENHI, JSPS, and JST), JAXA, NEDO, METI, and MLIT proposals, please contact the External Funds Office to inquire about the availability of payment, payment methods, deadlines at the end of the fiscal year, and other conditions.
[Contact] gaibushikin-toiawase [at]
If you are using external funds, please make sure you use up the purchased services.

Usage fee for priority job execution

  • Target of usage fee
    • The fees are applied to the part of the allocated core-hour to the Quick and General Use projects that you would like to prioritize.
    • If you do not apply for priority execution, you can use it for free during this fiscal year as before.
    • Priority execution is valid until the end of the fiscal year.
  • Fee
    • 90 JPY for 720 core-hour priority execution (720 hours on 1 core)
    • Example
      • Approximately 1,080 JPY for 1 core with 1 year of priority execution
      • Approximately 43,200 JPY for 1 node (40 cores) for 1 year of priority execution
  • Remarks
    • A new project for priority execution is created for each application, and you can specify the new project number for priority execution.

Usage fee for data area (/data)

  • Target of usage fee
    • The usage fee is only for the data area (/data) of ​​HOKUSAI BW.
    • Use of the home area (/home, 4TB per person) of HOKUSAI BW is free.
  • Fee
    • 180 JPY/month per 1TB
    • This service is available from the month you start using it untill the end of the fiscal year. Use of the service cannot be cancelled in the middle of the fiscal year.
    • As a transitional measure, the fee will be 90 yen/month per 1TB for the data area (/data) that has already been applied for by the end of FY2019. This special price is until the end of March 2021, and the regular fee will be applied from April 2021.
  • Remarks
    • The tape area will be removed from user services in the future and will be operated as cold media.

How to apply

Please apply through the application site below.