Configuration instructions


Last updated on: 2017/01/10

Basic Information

Account name Your account name
Password Account password
Incoming mail server
Server name
Port number 995
Incoming mail server
Server name
Port number 993
Leave messages on the server No
Outgoing mail server Server name
Port number 465 (SMTPS)

Configuration of each email software can be found in the following links.

>> Thunderbird
>> Windows Live Mail  End of Support (January 10, 2017)
>> iPad


Term glossary

SSL connection

  • Postman supports SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted connections i.e. POPS, IMAPS, HTTPS and SMTPS.
  • By using email software which supports the above SSL protocols, you can prevent your transmission from being tapped or tampered by a third party.

SMTP authentication

  • SMTP authentication (we use password authentication for it) is necessary before you send an email via Postman from networks other than RIKEN’s .
  • Please refer to the instruction manual of your email software on how to the setup SMTP authentication on your mailer.